Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

12 months old

Here is Ava's 12 month photo shoot......

I'm really late on this but we just went to her Pedi appointment this past Friday. So I had to wait till I had all her latest stats. First of all, Ava was such a big girl at this visit. No tears with her shot or when they pricked her finger for blood. I couldnt believe it! We had driven back to Daytona Beach because our health insurance is still active up there. We had to say our goodbyes to everyone at this office and get Ava's records. I also had my yearly appointment and had to say goodbye to my Doctor. I am really sad that I will not have him to deliver my future children :(. He was great, so sweet and such a good bedside manner. When my "exam" was over he asked if I would bring Ava back so he could see her. The whole office oohed and awwed over her. ( Just a little side note, he was John Travolta and Kelly Preston's doctor and delivered their child many years ago). I think that is cool! Anyways, on to Ava's stats.......

  • weight ~ 19lbs and 7 ounces ( 25th percentile)

  • height ~ 29.5 inches ( 55 percentile)

  • head ~ 18 inches ( 75 percentile) - she got some brains :)

  • diet - Ava is eating all table food and will not let me feed her anything. She is miss independent feeds herself with her fingers. Sometimes she will attempt to eat with a spoon but we are still working on that. Her FAVORITE foods are cheese, watermelon, chicken nuggets, blueberry waffles, cottage cheese

  • Still babbling non-stop, only thing coherent are mamama and dadadda, she points to everything that she wants and then I say the word for her. We're getting there

  • Very active - running all around the house from drawers to cabinets to laundry baskets to anything she can get her hands on and transfer to another place. She got so many toys for her birthday and loves to play with them all. Daddy and I take her out on nightly wagon rides after dinner :).

  • Favorite cartoons are still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and her newest is Sesame Street. She loves Abby Cadabby and takes her Sesame Street book with her all around the house.

  • She is a big fan of bath time and plays with her floating hippos and squirt toys. She has learned to put her face down in the water and she thinks that is hilarios.

  • Not a fan of the beach, she loves the water but Hates the sand. She wont even let me put her feet down in it. She'll start screaming crying. Then she'll stick her hands in it and start crying.

  • Takes one long nap usually between 1:30pm - 3:30pm. And she has had a few nights of sleeping in her crib all night long. Most of the time she is still waking up about twice a night.

  • Still drinking formula but trying to wean her off completely to milk. She can't stand milk, so right now I'm mixing it with her formula.

So that's my 1 year old...it's so weird to say that..... In other news I got a job here. I will be working at a big hospital pretty close to home, still doing labor and delivery. I will be working part time (24 hours a weeks) 2 - 12 hourse shifts overnight. I start on September 21st. I will miss my girls back in Daytona :( Hopefully I have a new set of great nurses to work with!

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  1. She is adorable, you have to give me tips on how you got her to sleep in her crib because my little one is giving me such a hard time, lol and at this point I am open to any suggestions at this point haha. If you don't mind follow my blog and we can swap mommie stories. http://harleynataliasmommie.blogspot.com/