Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Silly Girl

Ava has been cracking me up!! She just found out how to clap her hands and now she does it all day long. I'm serious, she loves it. It makes me laugh to see her get so excited at herself and her new talent :). She also has started pulling herself up onto her knees when she is in her crib and starts gumming on the crib rail. I'll think she is napping and walk in to find her up on her knees with her head peaking over the crib. We leave for Tampa in 2 days, I'm getting really excited about the bridal shower!!

(Sunhat - because we had a beautiful & sunny day in Florida and we took a break from
packing to play in the backyard)

Clapping her hands

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Packing, Packing, and more Packing

This past week has been very chaotic. My house currently looks like a tornado has blown right through it. I'm trying my hardest to organize, get rid of, plan for a moving sale and pack this entire house by March 1st. And just to add onto everything else my sister's bridal shower is on February 27th so Ava and I are driving back to Tampa this upcoming weekend. But poor hubby has to stay behind to run the moving sale. :( Hopefully I can have mostly everything packed before I leave. Back to the shower, my middle sister and I are hosting the bridal shower for our youngest sister. She is getting married on March 26!! YAY! Now all of us girls will be married off and my dad has gained three sons. She is marrying one of Bryan and I's friends from high school and he graduated with us. All three of us married someone that we went to high school with. What are the odds of that? So I have Ava's dress picked out for the shower, just haven't found anything for myself yet. Let's hope I can pull all of this together this week.

Here are some pics of Ava from Valentine's Day, sorry it took so long to get them posted.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Well we just found renters for our house!! :( I don't know whether to cry or jump up and down. I have so many mixed emotions. I know this is for the best and that we eventually wanted to move back to the Tampa Bay area. But this just feels like home! I love my house, career, the beach is like 10 minutes down the street, we live on a conservation lot so we have woods for a backyard. Not to mention, Ava has a beautiful nursery and I couldn't ask for a better town to raise a family in! But then I have to remember the ups of Tampa. The benefits are family, great business opportunities for hubby, lots to do (The Buccaneers, Rays, Lightning) and it's a beautiful city. This was our home for the past 4 years and it will be very difficult to say goodbye. It has so much sentimental value: a lot of firsts and this was where we brought Ava home from the hospital. Also we lost my childhood dog this past June and we planted a tree for her in the backyard. :( Just have to look at this as a new chapter in our life's and a new adventure.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We were on the go all weekend long! On Friday my family came into town. I cooked Chicken Tetrazzini for everyone and Ava got to see her Grammy and PaPa. She was shy at first but warmed up quickly. On Saturday my sisters and Mom and I went to Barnes and Nobles for a Valentine's Reading of The Legend of Lyla the Lovesick Ladybug for Ava. It was such a cute book. Her friend from Mother Goose story time was also there. She is 13 months old and adorable. She even grabbed Ava's hand and we got a great picture of them holding hands.

(The girls with the hats are my sisters, Ava's own entourage)

After the reading we went to the movies to see Dear John, personally I did not like the ending at all. I haven't read the book though so I don't know if it is any better. Ava slept through most of it and then nursed at the end. After the movie we all went out to eat at Carraba's. For such a busy day Ava was so good! Family went home on Sunday then that night Bryan and I had our Second Annual Super Bowl Party! Everyone loved seeing Ava! She was in such a good mood the whole night. She was just as excited as her Momma that the Saints won!!

Ava also started her baby food. She is loving the fruits especially pears but not so much the veggies. Here are some pics of her first time eating fruit.

Mommy what is this stuff?

I'm not so sure about this


I think I'd rather eat my book

Thursday, February 4, 2010

6 month old beauty !

Wow!! I can't believe Ava is 6 months old. Where did my newborn baby go? She seems like such a big girl now but I love this stage. She has such a great personality and is just such a sweetheart. Her newest thing she has started to do is stand while holding on to a chair also she has found her tongue and clicks it all the time! Haha. We went for her 6 month checkup yesterday and here are her 6 months stats:

weight: 15lb 10oz - 50 percentile
length: 26 inches - 55 percentile
diet: breastfeeding and rice cereal; will start fruits and oatmeal
milestones: sits all by herself, rolls over from both sides, stand
while holding on to chair,

She also got 3 more shots yesterday, I HATE this, as does every mommy! The pediatrician also offered me a job to work with her. I was flattered but for now our schedule works out best with me working overnight at the hospital and plus I don't think I would like giving other babies shots all day long while their mommies hold them down. No thank you. In other news, my mom and dad and sisters will be visiting for the weekend!! They live in Tampa, that is where we are from but we moved to the other coast of Florida 4 years ago. Can't wait to see them, we haven't all been together since Christmas. My youngest sister recently moved over to the east coast with her fiance, so at least I have some family around. All of hubby's family is still in Tampa also. We hope to make it back over that way once hubby is ready to start a practice. We miss everyone so much!
Here are some of our 6 months photos......