Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Friday, April 30, 2010

9 Month Checkup

Went for Ava's checkup yesterday morning. I swear every time I walk into that office, I am instantly taken back to the day she was 4 days old and I brought her there for the first time. It has this distinct smell that floods me with emotion as I remember that time of my life. And now here we are, 9 months later. I never get accustomed to how fast the time flies. Ava was thrilled with this visit because there were no shots involved. YAY!! Just a checkup. So here are her stats.....

~weight is 7lbs 11ozs (25%) she is my little peanut.
~height 28" - tall and skinny build
~We are officially weaned from breast milk since 8 1/2 months and are now strictly on Enfamil about 18 ounces a day. We also eat 2nd and 3rd stage Gerber foods, puffs, yogurt melts, bananas, soft pasta, soft carrots and we got the okay from the Pedi to slowly switch her over to all table foods. We are going to try pancakes tomorrow. Ava also holds her sippy cup and drinks apple juice and water!
~Ava cruises around the whole house, grabbing every piece of furniture and pulling herself up and then cruises. She also will let go and stand alone for about 10 seconds. Pushes her walker all by herself. Started crawling at 7 1/2 months. She is so curious and into everything, which brings me to...
~Understanding the word, "no no". When she is going for the cord to the computer, trying to pull up on the garbage can, pinching the dog like a crab. I just say Ava, No No and she usually will stop and give me this devilish smile. But she stops.
~ Loves to bang her stackable cups together, Tupperware, wooden spoons, anything that makes noise.
~Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is our FAVORITE!! Wake up every morning and watch this cartoon. Sesame Street Nighty Nighty is favorite bedtime book.
~Loves the water. We go to the pool about twice a week and Ava kicks her legs like she is trying to swim while daddy swishes her through the water. Also splashes around in the bathtub like a little fish.
~Sleeps through the night and has been since 6 weeks old. I know, I lucked out. Now sleeps from 9pm to 7am.
~Cut her first tooth about 1 week ago. Its on the bottom in the middle. I haven't been able to get any pictures of it yet because its barely through the gum.
~Says "DaDa" and other words that sound like DaDa but makes a certain noise when she wants me. It's so cute and she'll reach her arms out for me while shes doing it.

What we are looking forward to in the next few months: Walking, Saying MaMa, going on our beach vacation, eating big foods with mommy and daddy, and my 1st birthday!!

Sorry couldn't get good pictures on this day, Ava wanted to play and not take pictures. She is actually 9 months on May 3rd so will post her 9 months pics then.

Mommy and Me

Apologize for my stupid smile

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Magic Forest Park

We had the best time at the park on Monday! We found this place about 5 minutes from where we live. I never even knew it existed. The playground is all wooden and a lot nicer than the plastic stuff that is at most playgrounds. So this was Ava's first time in a swing and she loved it! She was smiling ear to ear. The slide however, she wasn't to sure about. Bryan was taking her up in all the forts and they were exploring everything. There was this little girl there pushing a swing with a newborn baby in it. I about died and then realized it was just her baby doll. HaHa. Also there were 2 little boys there playing with sticks and having a sword fight, saying, "Now I'm the Captain". I saw Bryan watching them (I know he will love to have a little boy one day). Ava is his pride and joy but I know he would be so good with a little boy too...
After the park we took Ava for another first! Ice Cream!!! Well Bryan and I anyway, but Ava got a taste and she is hooked. Taste of vanilla and chocolate. I don't know what she liked more, the swings or the ice cream? I was so afraid she wouldn't take her bottle when we got home after all the sweet goodness, but she did. Such a fun family day :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nighty - Night

Ava is so sweet! I love at bedtime how she rubs her hand up and down my side and just looks up at me. She has become so snuggly lately. It melts my heart :) She is almost completely weaned off of breast milk. I still nurse her about once a day. I have tried Enfamil and Simalic and she seems to like Enfamil more. She won't take it in the ready-made bottles though because its at room temperature. I have to mix the dry formula with warm water. I guess shes so used to breast milk being warm that she won't have it any other way. Sooo spoiled!
I thought I would have a break down once she started taking formula and ball my eyes out. But you know what, it hasn't been a bad transition. I still snuggle up with her, even when I'm giving her a bottle. I'm very proud that I nursed her for almost 9 months but I think it was time. Today I am going to start her on a sippy cup with some diluted apple juice. We'll see how that goes!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Little Prisoners :)

Hey Everyone! Here are a few pics I took this morning of Ava in her little Minnie Mouse outfit. She was chasing Belle around and playing with all her toys. Then she wanted to be out on the patio because thats where Belle ran to hide.

Also just thinking about The Masters that starts today. Don't know if anyone is a golf fan but my hubby is obsessed and I've grown to like watching it aka (riding on the cart with a refreshing cocktail). Just wondering what everyone is thinking about this Tiger Woods situation. Nike just released their new Tiger ad, which is in black and white and of Tiger looking into the camera while you can hear his Dad's voice in the background speaking, "Tiger did you learn anything, I wonder what your thinking was, what are you feeling." Does anyone buy this??? I feel so sorry for Elin and the kids.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend, even though we missed the rest of our family in Tampa. It was very relaxing and we had beautiful weather. Dying the Easter eggs brought back so many memories from my childhood. Even though Ava wasn't able to understand what we were doing, these are traditions that we are creating and she will love to look back at all these pictures one day. I just can't wait until she is running around next year for an egg hunt. We re-visited a church that we have tried before for Easter morning. We liked it a lot better this time but are still searching for a church that feels like our fit. The sermon was good and it's always refreshing to remember the true meaning for the holiday.

Here is our visit to the Easter Bunny. Hubby was hilarious. When we were in line, he was freaking out. Saying, "I don't like this, who knows who's under that bunny costume, it's probably a pedophile and I'm about to put my daughter in his lap, at least with Santa I can look at his face." Then when it was our turn and we bring Ava up to the Bunny, he says "You be careful with her" in this stern voice. I was about to die laughing. I'm like what is he going to do Bryan, through her on the floor. What a protective Daddy, I love it. :)

Dying Easter Eggs with Aunt Bec

Baskets from the Easter Bunny and from Grammy / PaPa

My Easter Gift!!

Our Easter Feast

Family Photo

Uncle Mike eating Ava's fingers. Yumm

Friday, April 2, 2010

Learning to Walk

Ava loves her walker! At first she was so timid and would just make a little tip toe forward, now she sucks her bottom lip in and shes off. She walks back and forth across the room. I get such a kick out of watching her. She is also climbing and pulling herself up on everything within her reach. The other day when I was at work, Bryan took her out with him while he fished. He said that when he caught a fish and it was flopping all around, Ava was laughing and loved it. This is such a great stage, I know I say that about every stage of her life, but it really is.
We have been busy planning our Easter. We will be staying here and not traveling. We're going to church in the morning and then we will go over to my sister's to have Easter dinner. I've bought everything and am ready to start cooking. Also later today we are going to see the Easter Bunny at the mall! YAY! Ava smiled for Santa so we'll see how it goes and hopefully we'll get a good picture. Then tomorrow my sister is coming over and we are going to dye easter eggs. I promise to post bunches of pictures.