Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We were on the go all weekend long! On Friday my family came into town. I cooked Chicken Tetrazzini for everyone and Ava got to see her Grammy and PaPa. She was shy at first but warmed up quickly. On Saturday my sisters and Mom and I went to Barnes and Nobles for a Valentine's Reading of The Legend of Lyla the Lovesick Ladybug for Ava. It was such a cute book. Her friend from Mother Goose story time was also there. She is 13 months old and adorable. She even grabbed Ava's hand and we got a great picture of them holding hands.

(The girls with the hats are my sisters, Ava's own entourage)

After the reading we went to the movies to see Dear John, personally I did not like the ending at all. I haven't read the book though so I don't know if it is any better. Ava slept through most of it and then nursed at the end. After the movie we all went out to eat at Carraba's. For such a busy day Ava was so good! Family went home on Sunday then that night Bryan and I had our Second Annual Super Bowl Party! Everyone loved seeing Ava! She was in such a good mood the whole night. She was just as excited as her Momma that the Saints won!!

Ava also started her baby food. She is loving the fruits especially pears but not so much the veggies. Here are some pics of her first time eating fruit.

Mommy what is this stuff?

I'm not so sure about this


I think I'd rather eat my book


  1. You have the PRETTIEST baby ... she is just gorgeous!

  2. Thank You! She definitely melts my heart :)