Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful Blogger :)

Thanks so much to Mrs. H over at From Mrs. to Momma for my 1st blog award. I'm now supposed to share 7 interesting things about my life and then nominate 5 other ladies....

1.) Being born and raised in Alabama for 9 years, I am a Southern Belle at heart. That would explain my love of Gone With the Wind, the sweet smell of Gardenias blooming, Paula Deen, saying yes ma'am no ma'am - no sir yes sir and of course ya'll. This also crosses over to Ava with my love of big hair bows, pearls, sterling silver, bonnets, and ruffle butt panties.

2.) Hubby and I were married in Maui, Hawaii. I have to say it was a dream wedding and honeymoon. It was paradise! I feel so blessed to have had that experience. Our goal is to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary there.

3.) My mom swears she spelt my name with an A because she found it in a baby book and
that Erica with an A is much more feminine than with an E. I dont know about this but I do like that my name is spelled different, howevever I have gone through life being called, A-reeka, Africa, and are-ica. You name it, I've been called it.

4.) My idea of the perfect day is being on the beach listening to the waves, watching the sunset, Jimmy Buffet / Bob Marley in the background, with a Corona Light in my hand and snuggled up to Bryan and Ava.

5.)Hubby and I both went to the University of South Florida and graduated in 2005. Go Bulls! :)

6.) I love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday. I know it sounds weird but I share this love with my Mother and sisters. I love all the fun aspects of it, like dressing up, carving pumpkins, caramel apples, trick-or-treaters, costume parties, etc.

7.) My celebrity crush is Johnny Depp, I find him so mysterious, talented and handsome. All of his movies are great and he is a musician. He lives in France and owns is own island with a ship. What's not to love?

Now here are my picks for other beautiful bloggers:
1. The Undomestic Momma
2. The Heir to Blair
3. As the Foreste Grows
4. The Glamorous Life of a Housewife
5. The Princess and the Sweet Pea

I am still extremely busy with the move and will be posting a blog about it soon. Also the shower was a great success! Will post some pics soon, I promise. I am working all this weekend, so I hope to get something up on Tuesday.

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  1. I love halloween for the same reason!! fall is probably my favorite season!!