Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Although hubby was busy most of this trip, we still had a nice time away and made the most of the time that we did have together! I have driven through Atlanta and been layed over at the Atlanta airport for like 8 hours! But I had never really "been" there. We stayed in Marietta which is just north. I liked how it is hilly because Florida is so flat. And all the magnolia trees up there are GORGEOUS! Thursday night we got to the hotel and were so tired from our drive that we just relaxed. Our hotel had an indoor pool so of course Miss Ava loved that...

Getting ready to go down to the pool

Friday we woke up and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Ava had her first cheese grits and she loved them! I have a true southern belle. After we dropped off daddy we went to historic downtown Marietta. We went to the Gone With the Wind Museum and they have an ORIGINAL dress that Scarlett wore! I know I know, I'm obsessed. Also there is a train that passes the front of the museum and it scared Ava. We happened to be standing right in front of the tracks as it passed! She clung onto me for dear life. After the museum we ate lunch at the Marietta pizzeria and then went to the town square and Ava played in the grass, looking at all the flowers and she loved the fountain. There was also a wedding taking place in the square gazebo. It was so pretty.

The dreaded train

Saturday we had cheese grits and eggs once again, then we dropped daddy off again :( and were on our way to Atlanta!! We first went to the Margaret Mitchell Museum (The Author of Gone With the Wind) and then we went to the film museum . This was so interesting and we went on a guided tour through the house. Margaret Mitchell was a rebel in her day (short hair, short dresses, drank, smoked, etc.) She put a lot of her personal life into Gone With the Wind. Very interesting. Then at the film museum, the original portrait of Scarlett in the blue dress was there! I have to say I was the only one at this place that was by myself with a baby. Everyone else was a couple, family, or group. Even though I was a little nervous about venturing out in this city with Ava, I'm proud of myself for doing it and I definatley held my own and created a memory that I will never forget! After the museums, Ava and I walked Peachtree Street. Downtown was nicer and cleaner than I had imagined.

Margaret Mitchell House

Found on our Stroll on Peachtree St.

Sunday was hubby's day off so we checked out of the hotel and made our way out to do some sight-seeing in downtown. Then we drove through Buckhead. Let me tell you, Buckhead is BEAUTIFUL!! The neighborhoods are amazing! I wish I had some pictures. The houses were draped by huge trees and ivy crawling up the houses. I bet these houses / mansions are beautiful at Christmas time with lights all up. Then we went to the Georgia Aquarium. This was a blast!! Ava was amazed! Before we went, I wondered if she was too young for this, but I think she is the perfect age for her first time aquarium experience. It was so stimulating for her and I could just see the light bulbs flashing in her head. Haha! Her favorite were the penguins and the only thing that scared her was the sea turtle! Go figure. She was fine with the sharks but she wasn't having the turtles!.

The Penguins!

The Big Bad Turtle made Ava cry


Then we finished our trip with some delicious hot dogs at The Varsity


  1. What a fun time!! Great pictures! Little Chick and I need a trip!!

    Mama Hen

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mama's Little Chick! I went through these photos again! Makes
    me want to plan a trip with Little Chick!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Mama Hen