Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Ava is taking a nap right now so I decided to get back to my blog that I have so neglected....We went back to Tampa for Thanksgiving and spent this year on the Schmied side of the family. There were lots of sickies ( Grandma, Grandpa, Bailey, Uncle Peter) through the week but in the end everyone felt great and we had a wonderful time. I had come home earlier in the week to spend a few days with my mom and sisters and then Bryan joined us on Wednesday and we stayed at Pete and Brias for the rest of the week. Bryan stayed through the weekend and I came home on Friday afternoon to work.

Ava was having such a great time having family and kids to play with that she didn't know what to do with herself. Plus there was Depo, extra bonus. This year I am so thankful for family, cousins for Ava to play with, baby Riley on the way, Aunts and Uncles, and Grandparents that all love and take care of my Baby!! Most of all I am thankful for the family and life I have with Bryan and that we created this precious baby girl that fills my heart till it feels like it will burst!!

We had a great visit back home and what a great way to start the holiday season .....

Reuniting with cousins, enjoying treats from the ice cream man

Bath time with Blake and Bevin

Depo standing guard by the tub

Movie Time

Stylin in Thanksgiving Dress

Where do you think your going Missy?

When Mommy's away the Mice will Play

Girls Day Out on the Town

Somebody Likes Churro's

Park Day

My beautiful Niece and Handsome Nephew

I still have more picture from at my Mom's but Ava just woke up and needs her momma. Will start to post pics more often. Lot's of excitement coming with the Holidays!


  1. Her hair is getting so long... and I absolutely love her Thanksgiving outfit!!! I wish Gianna could have worn something like that. It was to dang warm here so fall clothes haha