Ava Joy Schmied

Ava Joy Schmied
Born August 3rd, 2009

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Love My Family: Part 2

Okay so we are up to Day 3 which was Sunday which also means football, football, football. We did manage to do a few other things. That morning after coffee we went over to the pool for some sunshine. Ava loves to play on the steps and wants to climb in and out, over and over. This child has no fear and just wants to jump in the water. I guess she knows her momma is right there to catch her. She also loves to play in the shower once we get out of the pool. I think this might actually be her favorite part........

Swimming with Grammy

Snack Break: Goldfish and Teddy Grahams

Always into something

Shower Time

After lots of football, Mom and I decided we needed to get some more fresh air, so we took Ava to the park, where we swung, played on the playground, and fed some ducks, turtles, birds, and even a squirrel....

One of my favorite pictures with her!

Our Squirrel

Isn't he cute?

Oh, and we colored

Day 4: Bryan had to go back to work today, so that was sad. The rest of us decided to go to the beach.

And play outside

Baby went down for her nap after lunch and Mom and I watched a girly movie on TV, "Forget Paris". Afterwards Ava was in a good mood and we took her to the library to get some books and I found the original Strawberry Shortcake DVD. I couldn't believe this - this was a treasure from my childhood!! Once Bryan got home, we had spaghetti dinner and it was time for Monday Night Football.

Day 5:
I had to go back to work today, so that was really sad. Haha. I called my Mom for an update every break I had. Ava did great! She didn't cry at all. She had so much fun with Grammy and PaPa. They went back to the pool and the park. I, on the other hand was a mess. Meeting all new people, leaving my baby. But the best was when I came Home and was greeted with so many hugs and kisses from Ava.

Mommy's Home!!

And the week doesn't end here, to be continued....

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